Strike: NANS Threatens To Occupy FMoE,  Seeks Return Of ASUU, FG To Negotiation Table

The factional leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has appealed to the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Federal Government to return to the negotiating table to find an amicable solution to the lingering industrial action.
President of the students’ group, Comrade Umar Faruk appealed on Thursday in Abuja, where he threatened that if all parties to the disagreement failed to resolve the crisis in the coming weeks, students may be compelled to occupy the Federal Ministry of Education.
The NANS leadership also urged the Federal Government to set up visitation panels to address issues of politically expelled and rusticated students.
While addressing a press conference, Comrade Faruk said all stakeholders of education must be seen to be engaging in ensuring that education is given the desired attention by increasing budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Education to meet up with UNESCO recommendations.
He decried a situation where students have been at home for the past six months on account of the strike action, stressing that it does not augur well for a nation desirous of growth and genuine development.
Farouk also decried the security situation in the country, the crisis associated with premium motor spirit, including the ever-increasing rate of unemployment in the country.
He said, “Consequent upon the just concluded election in NANS, I use this medium to extend my gratitude to my teaming supporters who made it possible for me to achieve this victory, and for my co-contenders that lost out during the poll, I wish to extend an olive branch to them as we can entertain them into our progressive project which is a total reformation of the organization in line with world best practice.
“While awaiting a formal inauguration of our executives, it is important to note that the existing economic and political situation cannot continue to linger as they remain the cardinal reason we ever aspired to lead this noble organization
“In the light of these; we shall not waste time in ensuring that our agenda is focused on ensuring students return to school within the shortest possible period.
“The security situation in the country desires a more robust engagement with the view to engaging Nigerian Students in peacebuilding advocacies, this deserves urgent attention as the masses are already tired of the sorry state of affairs concerning insecurity in Nigeria thus a multi-stakeholder engagement through non-kinetic approach has become inevitable.
“The lingering fuel crises is not to be swept away easily as it keeps affecting the economic posture of Nigeria which is visible in the attendant hike in the price of, transportation, foodstuff, goods and services, therefore, a lasting solution is thereby required for our economy to grow and for our nation to thrive in Prosperity.
“There is rising unemployment that has affected the growth and development of the Nigerian economy thus it becomes important that government creates a conducive environment for growth and development
“Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been on strike for almost 8 months, the academic calendar cannot be used as a parameter for years of studies anymore as students keep suffering from the long-term effect of the strike. The Nigerian Student’s patience has been stretched beyond its elastic limit and have resolved to liberate themselves from the recurring effect of the industrial action by ASUU.
“We, therefore, demand that the Federal Government through the Ministry of Education should within few
working days resolve the lingering ASUU Strike. As we shall mobilize our students towards occupying the ministry of education until our demands are met.
“The Federal Government should set visitation panels to address issues of all politically expelled and rusticated students while all stakeholders of education should be engaged in ensuring education is given the desired attention by an increment of budgetary allocation to Ministry of Education to meet up with UNESCO recommendation”.



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