Rotary Club Of VGC Gifts, Fellowships With Hearing/Visually Impaired Students

Rotary Club of Victoria Garden City over the weekend gifted Wesley School for the Hearing Impaired and Pacelli School for the Visually Impaired, both located in Surulere, with various food and learning items to enhance their learning conditions and give them a sense of belonging in line with activities to mark the Club’s basic education and literacy month and the set goals of Rotarian Omotunde Olaleye, the Imaginative President of the Club in the current year.
Rotarian Omotunde explained that he and some members of the club had visited the schools earlier to carry out a Need Assessment exercise to determine the most appropriate resources to be donated, stressing that apart from providing those gifts items during their visits, it will be used to relate and identify with the students, and to encourage the management in line with our role of being a blessing to the society.
He said, “After I visited the school and related with the principal over the phone requesting what we could provide to make a significant impact, we decided on providing;  25 realms of Braille papers, Slates, Styluses, Mathframe and Figures for educating our students here, though expensive, yet we are very happy to provide them because they are used to impart special knowledge and skills to students here.
“This is the beginning of the good relationship between our club and this institution. I also believe the incoming president after me will also find something notable to do with the schools going forward.” Omotunde added.
Sister Christiana Okechukwu, School Counsellor, who received the gifts on behalf of the principal, said, “We remain sincerely grateful for taking our school as one of your beneficiaries, the Principal though unavoidably absent, sent her appreciation for the kind gestures.  Pacelli School for the Visually Impaired and Partially Sighted is a Mission School owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos but managed by the Handmaid of the Holy Jesus Congregation, and to the glory of God, the school has attained 60years in existence.
“Presently the school has a population of 140 students in boarding, running similar academic sessions like the regular schools, but the school is free with the provision of study materials, uniforms, feeding, accommodation and other materials provided free through charity from organisations like you, as you may know, Catholic Church does not discriminate, so we welcome students from all places and religion. Though owing to accommodation challenges we can only take a limited number, so we admit students on a first come first serve basis.” She added.
Afterward, the Club members went over to the Wesley School for the Hearing Impaired, where various bags and cartons of food items, ranging from Rice, Beans, Garri Flour, Semovita, Poundo Yam flour, Indomie, frozen Turkey/Chicken, beverages, palm oil, Groundnut oil, soup ingredients, Macaroni, Wheat flour and cleaning reagents were donated to the school.
The duo of Mrs. Popoola Elizabeth Oluwayemisi and Ojemola Elizabeth Aderonke Principals of both Schools 1 and 2 of Wesley Schools for the Hearing Impaired, jointly expressed their profound gratitude to the members of the Rotary Club of Victoria Garden City for the generous donation, asserting that the gifts will go a long way to care for the wellbeing of the students, who they say will continue to pray for the Club and the prosperity of each member.


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