TRAGEDY: Teacher Flees After Flogging Student To Death, For Misspelling ‘Social’


Tragedy struck on Monday when Nikhil Dohre, a 15-year-old died from injuries inflicted on him by his school teacher and could not make it after being rushed to a hospital in northern Uttar Pradesh state of India, leading to a manhunt by the police in the city.

The said teacher was said to have fled immediately the fatal result of the heavy beating and kicking of the deceased, said to be a low-caste student became apparent, whose ordeal began after a spelling mistake.

The police action, is said to be coming after officers, reportedly suppressed violent protests triggered by the incident, after Dohre was struck with a rod and kicked to a state of unconsciousness by the teacher after reportedly misspelling the word “social” in an examination.
“He is on the run, but we will arrest him soon,” police officer Mahendra Pratap Singh, was quoted to have said, after the father of the victim, spoke on the issue.
Dohre was a member of the Dalit community, which sits at the lowest rung of India’s caste system and has been subject to prejudice and discrimination for centuries.
Hundreds of people took to the streets on Monday after news of Dohre’s death spread in Auraiya district, the location of the attack.
The crowd demanded the teacher’s arrest before the cremation of the boy’s body and torched a police vehicle.
Around a dozen protesters had been arrested, Singh said.


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