International Teachers’ Day: APM Presidential Candidate Seeks Global Respect For Teachers

As the world observes International Teachers’ Day, the presidential candidate of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM), Princess Chichi Ojei, has called on governments the world over to accord the profession the respect it deserves.
A statement made available to Education Roadmap quoted Princess Chichi as calling “on the government of Nigeria, Africa and the whole world to invest in teachers, involve teachers, trust teachers, respect teachers for we are nothing without them.”
The statement noted that “Without these great men and women who are truly our heroes and heroines who helped horn and harness our future, most of us would not have been what we are today. I remain continuously thankful.”
While acknowledging this year’s theme which is “The Transformation Of Education Begins With Teachers,” as apt, the APM presidential flag bearer commended the objective which is to raise awareness about the roles of teachers in providing quality education at all levels and to improve the situations of teachers in the world.
While expressing satisfaction at being a beneficiary of teachers’ prowess, the only female presidential candidate in the 2023 elections emphasized the importance of teachers not only to meet the needs of every single child on earth but to help shape nations.
“Without my teachers, mentors and guardians I would not have been here today. My candidacy as one of the youngest, and only female presidential candidate in the 2023 general election is the result of my parents’ legacy education,” she stressed.
She pledged that when elected President  her administration will place a premium on the welfare of teachers, as she iterated that “gone are the days that we held the belief that the reward of teachers is in heaven now their reward begins here on earth.”


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