NANS Distances Self From Tinubu/Shettima Students Vanguard, Warns Asefon Against Commercial Unionism

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Southwest Zone D on Thursday washed its hands clean of any association or engagement with a group called Tinubu/Shettima Students Vanguard.
A statement jointly signed by Comrades Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji, the Coordinator, NANS Southwest (Zone D); Alao John, Deputy Coordinator and Awoyinfa Opeoluwa, PRO, the Zone disassociated itself from the Tinubu/Shettima Students Vanguard led by the immediate past National President, Sunday Adedayo Asefon.
The zone expressed worries that it had been inundated with inquiries and queries, saying it is constrained to disassociate the zone from the said group.
The statement made available to Daily Independent read in parts: “In the history of Democracy, Governance and Nationalist movements in Nigeria, the invaluable effects of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) cannot be washed away.
From time immemorial and till date, NANS have been an integral part of diverse struggles for national democracy, freedom, justice, equality and equity.
Through ideological engagements, strategic partnerships, 21st century crisis resolution approach, innovative techniques, Constructive agitations, humanitarian projects, protests, rallies, sensitizations, etc our organisation have firmly stamped its feet in the sands of time regarding the welfare, wellbeing and emancipation of not just Nigerian students but also the masses.
“Suffice it to say that the above achievements materialised on the back of severe hardships, innumerable sacrifices, intense pains and serious losses.
It is, therefore, well within our rights and an imperative task for us to squash any attempt to commercialise or take undue advantage of the collective efforts of thousands of living and late Comrades as well as students.
“It is on record that as the immediate past National President of NANS, Asefon has brought the organisation to monumental disrepute through his public romance with John Kayode Fayemi and other politicians as well as other shamefully in-erudite activities.
“The said group which is led by Sunday Asefon, some ex-students, unpopular Comrades, merchants and racketeers disguised as students is said to be obtaining money from politicians with the promise to mobilise students’ votes for them.
“It is no secret that Asefon’s reputation within the students constituency is already a burden for the group as he lacks the clout, goodwill and acceptability needed to mobilise real students except for the fellow jobbers within his caucus.
“We, therefore, state emphatically that Sunday Asefon his cohorts, and the misguided Tinubu/Shettima Students Vanguard lack the legitimacy and wherewithal to meet, make promises, or enter contracts on behalf of Nigerian Students on any issues at all as they do not represent us.
“The aforesaid group is nothing but a source of income for the propagators.”
NANS zone D consequently warns Sunday Asefon and his political jobbers to desist from attempting to mortgage the future “As no individual, group or organisation can auction our conscience or promise any politician votes on our behalf as any agreement of that nature remains ultra vires.”
The statement said that further deviation from this warning shall be met with resistance.
Warning that the union will not slide ignominiously into vote buying, the Zone added, “At an appropriate time, the leadership of NANS Southwest shall publicly endorse and mobilise for aspirants that can prove beyond reasonable doubt that they have the best interest of the entire Students constituency and the educational sector at heart.”



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