Groups Bemoan Poor Implementation Of Child Rights Law In Enugu

…Seek Removal Of Traditions And Customs Against Child’s Rights
Stakeholders fighting for the protection of women and children’s rights in Enugu State have blamed the high rate of child abuse in various communities in the state to poor implementation of child rights law.
The group made this known during a stakeholders’ consultative forum held in Enugu to consider and adopt strategies for the full implementation of child’s rights law in the State.
At the event organized by WACOL in partnership with Agents for Citizens-Driven Transformation Programme, funded by European Union and implemented by British Council, the stakeholders were drawn from line ministries, law enforcement agencies, ENSUBEB, PPSMB, schools, traditional and religious leaders, CSOs, CBOs, and many more.
The group in a communique issued at the end of a 2-day workshop mapped out strategies to tackle child and women abuse in the state.
The strategies include the “Creation of family court in Enugu State. That any case involving a minor should be handled in camera by a special court with trained judicial officers and lawyers, to allow the child to be protected and not t subjected to the usual rigours of trials in court.
“There is a need for high-level advocacy to discuss the incidence of reported cases of child abuse in Enugu State. The relevant ministries should liaise with Development Strategy Centre {DSC} and its consortium members to disseminate EU-ACT-funded research findings to enable implementation by the government.
“Stakeholders must use every opportunity given to create awareness of the Child’s Right Law of Enugu State as a legal tool to protect children.
“Punishment meted to children must be commensurate to the offence, age and gender. We will not negotiate with criminals, at all times we must allow the law takes its due course. Parents and guardians should not cover up evil.
“Customs and traditions that promote child abuse must be abolished. There must be strengthened partnerships among stakeholders in tackling the issue of Child abuse in Enugu State. They must come together to ensure the removal of all roadblocks in the effective implementation of the Childs Right Law of Enugu state.
“In all dealings and engagement with children, they should be listened to and their best interest should be paramount. The Ministry of Gender Affairs and the Attorney General and commissioner of Justice should jointly propose an executive memorandum to the State Executive Council on the outcome of the research findings of the Development Strategy Centre to implement the policy outcome.
“Establishment and renovation of State borstal institution and Remand homes where the minor offenders should stay for reformation.”


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