Children Injured As School Bus Summersaults In Lagos

A school bus conveying children of ages one to five on Thursday in Lagos summersaulted and injured the occupants.
The accident occurred in the morning at Surulere, the News Agency of Nigeria reported on Thursday from the scene.
According too the NAN correspondent who witnessed the accident, the bus, with registration number KTU-465DN hit a median barrier and pulled off a concrete holding a streetlight before summersaulting.
Sympathisers rushed to the scene and took the injured children and a caregiver on board to nearby Topaz Hospital.
The driver of the bus, who also sustained injuries, fled the scene, apparently for fear of a mob attack.
At the Topaz Hospital, doctors and other health workers quickly attended to the victims.
Dr. Sanusi Olatunbosun, who was on duty, later told NAN: “Seven people were in the school bus, three had serious injuries, while four had minor injuries.”
Olatunbosun said all the victims were treated and placed on two-hour observation before they were discharged.
He said the hospital was expecting the school to offset the medical bills.
“They are all conscious and discharged in good condition,” he said.
Olatunbosun said he advised the school to tell the children’s parents to closely observe them and report any symptoms such as dizziness, drowsiness, weakness and oversleeping.
Some youths at the accident pushed the school bus from the middle of the road to ease traffic.
The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency personnel also came to accident scene to manage traffic.


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