NANSE President Confirms Arrest Of 50 Nigerian Students In Cyprus


The President of the National Association of Nigerian Students in Europe (NANSE), Bashiru Saidu Muhammad has confirmed the arrest of 50 Nigerian students in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), for alleged drug-related crimes, illegal clubbing and prostitution.

A local news outlet, Cyprusnews247, had reported that the police in Northern Cyprus arrested the students in a three-bedroom apartment rented and supposedly occupied by three Nigerian women in the Hamitköy region of Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus.

Confirming the incident to newsmen on Wednesday night, NANSE President said since he is presently in Nigeria, he had detailed the students’ Senate president, who confirmed the arrest.

“I can confirm to you that 50 of our students in Northern Cyprus have been arrested by the Police for alleged drugs-related crimes, illegal clubbing and prostitution.

“I am currently in Nigeria but our Senate president was detailed to find out, and he has confirmed the arrest. NANSE is currently studying the matter to see the possibility of our intervention.

“While we expect the Nigerian authorities to also act given the country’s diplomatic relations with Cyprus, we will also be willing to work with the Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission (NiDCom) to what could be done,” Muhammad said.

Cyprusnews247 had reported that most African students who enroll in Cyprus universities, engage in crimes including drugs, violence, and theft.

It further reported that on Thursday, loud voices were heard from an apartment rented by three Nigerian women in the Hamitköy region of Lefkosa.

Citizens in the area had warned the police about ‘prostitution and drugs’, and that they had been unable to sleep for months as a result of noise that emanated from the three-bedroom apartment.

During the arrest on Thursday, more than 50 Nigerians came out of the flat that the police raided instead of the three people who rented the apartment.

The three policemen that went to the scene had difficulty collecting more than 50 Nigerians from the apartment which they had reportedly turned into a club.

Cyprusnews247 quoted a resident of the area as saying, “We have all been devastated for months. We were unable to sleep, and we often did not get a response to our complaints. If more than 50 people leave a small apartment, it is not difficult to understand what kind of business is going on there. Our government should take this issue seriously and find a solution.”

“Believe me, we are considering leaving the country in the face of this situation,” the resident added.



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