Lagooz Schools Celebrate Stanley Osi Salami For His Award


Stanley Osi Salami, a former student of Lagooz schools, has made the school proud with his outstanding performance at Lincoln Middle school in Canada.

A report said he recently received the Lincoln Middle School’s term award for his exceptional performance in academics and different areas of educational endeavours at the School.

According to reports we have received from his family, Stanley has been an outstanding student who has not only excelled academically but has also made a significant contribution to the school’s community in Academics, athletics, arts and Citizenship.

Stanley’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence have been recognized by the school authorities, and he was given the award.

The Proprietor of Lagooz schools, Chief Yomi Otubela, expressed his pride in Stanley’s achievements and said, “We are delighted to hear about Stanley’s excellent performance in Lincoln Middle School in Canada. He has always distinguished himself with excellence as a student during his time at our school, and we are proud to see him achieve such great success.

Stanley’s family appreciates Lagooz Schools for his success and expressed their gratitude towards the school management, teachers; role models and staff for providing him with a strong foundation that helped him excel in his academic and personal life.

Stanley Osi Salami’s success is a testament to Lagooz Schools’ commitment to providing quality education and fostering all-around development among its students which prepares them to compete anywhere in the world. We congratulate Stanley on his achievements and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.


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