Social Media Derailing Our Children, Parents Must Be Watchful, UI Chief Imam, Oloyede Warns 

The Chief Imam of the University of Ibadan (UI), Professor Abdulrahman Oloyede has urged parents to be very watchful and vigilant about the activities of their children on social media, insisting that technology is one of the factors that is derailing them from pursuing their future ambitions.
Professor Oloyede while analysing some of the key messages of his Eid-il-Fitri sermon with journalists shortly after Eil-ed-fitr prayers and lecture at the University of Ibadan Central Mosque, noted that life attainment is not limited to the materials aspect of it.
He maintained that when we are craving to achieve life materials, we should also try to think about life after, the abundance blessing is thereafter, and we should try to have that in addition to this material life.
While speaking about the impact of social media on our children, the Islamic scholar said, “We all need to be concerned about how we are raising our children.”
He said, “We must raise a good human being for the future of Islam and for the future of Nigeria as a country, today is not a matter of pride to say that Muslim children dominate the defiant ones and it’s unfortunate that they are the one giving bad direction to wayward lives.
“We have them in music and everything, meaning that something is going wrong with the way we raise our children and we must endeavour to do something about it, not only for Islam but Nigeria as a whole.”
“One of the key factors that is affecting our children is social media technology.  Our kids are being derailed today by social media.
“Parents must be watchful about the way their children handle this social media technology; we need to be very careful with the way we allow them on social media, this is one of the factors that derail our youths.”
In his message to the political class, Prof. Oloyede said, “My message is that they should learn from the outgoing government, when they were coming in, people thought it will last forever, and people in power believe it will last forever, but come May 29 it will be over, so the incoming government should start doing something meaningful now for if they fail to do what will make Nigeria peaceful, May 29 will also come like to them just like it happens to this present government.
“What we need is they should embark on what will make Nigerians happy and if they think they have enough time, May 29 will also come to them just like it happens to those that are currently in government now, that’s my message. So, my point is that they should be fair to all Nigerians and that is the message of Islam, which is fairness and justice,” Professor Oloyede said.
Dignitaries that graced the praying ground include the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, former governor of Oyo State and Senator Rasheed Ladoja, among others.


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