UNICEF Reiterates Commitment  To Children’s Rights In Enugu

United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has reiterated its commitment to ensuring that all children have the right to voice their opinions and areas of need.
Mrs. Juliet Chiluwe, Chief of Field
Office, UNICEF Enugu who stated
this is at the weekend during the
commemoration of the 2023 Nigerian
Children’s Day in collaboration with
Enugu State Ministry of Gender and Social Development held in Enugu,
saying all children must be heard and given attention.
She said, “It is the responsibility of duty bearers and caregivers of children to nurture them and help them actualize this right.
“UNICEF’s mandate is to assist children everywhere to actualize this right. By doing so, this year UNICEF Enugu Field office in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender and social development and members of Enugu State’s Children’s Parliament organized a one-day symposium to help hold duty bearers accountable towards the fulfilment of their rights.
“Annually, the Children’s Day is
commemorated in honor of children by many countries. This year, International Children’s Day is celebrated with the theme: “The state of the Nigerian children today: Proper parenting for value orientation and national consciousness”, providing an ample opportunity to conscientize stakeholders on the importance of proper parenting of children and for children to add a voice.
“Our children, young and beautiful remain our most cherished God’s
gift to the world, with their innocent smiles and carefree spirits, they steal the hearts of many.
“It doesn’t matter the sex and physical state or condition of the child, they are uniquely made. These children are the future of many generations. Little wonder this day is set aside to celebrate them.
“International Children’s Day was
first proclaimed in Geneva during the World Conference on Child Welfare.
“Since 1950, it is celebrated on June 1 in most Communist and post-Communist countries. World Children’s Day is celebrated on the 20th of November to commemorate the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by the UN General Assembly on 20 November 1959. In some countries, it is Children’s Week and not Children’s Day.
“In Nigeria, Children’s Day celebrations provide kids an opportunity to immerse themselves in several social activities expressing themselves in any way they can among their peers.
“I use this occasion to urge stakeholders, parents and families to use this auspicious moment provided by the symposium in reminiscing on the theme: “The state of the Nigerian children today: Proper parenting for value orientation and national consciousness” to ensure a better future of the Nigerian child,” she said.
In her address, Okenwa Uzoamaka
Uzoechina, Permanent Secretary of
State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, stressed the need to respect and protect children’s rights.
She also emphasized the need for
all children to be registered which is part of every child’s right saying “We’ll be working with the National Population Commission on child registration we have gone around the local governments in Enugu state, telling communities why every child should be registered for proper planning.


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