My Children Will Be Enrolled In Public Schools, Says Governor Nwifuru


Pledges Schools Upgrade 

Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi State said his administration will upgrade public schools in the state to better than the standard in private tools.

He added that his children would attend public schools, saying, “After our tenure, we will assess the schools and know which one will be better between public and private schools and by then my children will be in public schools.”

Ñwifuru assured that he would not relent until he fully lives up to his campaign promises and reassured his administration’s preparedness to revamp the education sector of the State.

The Governor made the commitments while addressing family members during a civic reception organized in his honour by his Alegu Eze extended family, Sunday.

Governor Nwifuru insisted that before the end of his administration, the standard of education in public schools will be better than what is obtainable in private schools.

“Education is one of the fulcrum of why we are here and we believe that the load in it will not take the centre stage, we will drive it and we will take it back to what it used to be and take our public schools to be more useful and resourceful, the worst public schools will be better than private school

Governor Nwifuru thanked his family members for the warm reception accorded him following his election victory and subsequent swearing-in as Governor.

“I am very much delighted speaking from home seeing my father and mother, siblings of myself celebrating, it is a thing of great joy to me.

“To my immediate family, I say thank you because you have always been there for me, you have always supported me and I charge you to go back to the altar because this is a challenging moment for all of us, your prayer number one is to give us the strength to bear the load of the development of the State and for the good health of the Governor and his family.”


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