Mushin Boys High School Old Students Association Empowers Members With N. 4m


It was a sweet homecoming on Sunday as old students of the Mushin Boys High School, Lagos fulfilled their promise to empower needy members of the association.

Two old boys of the Mushin Boys High School belonging to the 1989 and 1991 sets were presented cheques on interest-free loans in support of their businesses.

Speaking during the presentation of cheques to the beneficiaries, the President of the association, Rotarian Kazeem Alabi Labaika, said the fulfillment of the empowerment formed of the team’s promise during the electioneering campaign to support members.

During the electioneering campaign, my team promised to reinvent the association. Initially, the association was not registered, and as the President I have registered the association. After registration, we formally opened two bank accounts for annual dues and the other for social and welfare purposes.

Part of our programmes is to empower our members through a revolving interest-free loan for members that are entrepreneurs and in business. The pioneer beneficiaries are in gas retailing and shoe-building businesses.

“Empowerment is specifically meant to support those who need financial support for their businesses and it is interest-free.

“We have encouraged our members who are donors to support the worthy course. I appreciate them for demonstrating that commitment by making appreciable donations that have culminated in what we are doing today by empowering two members of the association to the tune of N400, 000 interest-free loan payable within one year.

“The two beneficiaries are members that are doing genuine businesses but require our widow’s mite in aid of their operations. The support is a revolving loan and our resolve is that if the beneficiaries can finish the repayment within the stipulated period of grace we will grant another loan for the second time. If they continue with the tradition of being prudent and by building trust we will do more that will be determined by the association.

According to Alhaji Labaika, other members of the association who are not into any form of business would also be empowered through skills training in soap making, perfume production and other vocations where their interest lies to make them have a sense of belonging.

The President of the association advised the two beneficiaries to fulfill all righteousness by not defaulting on the loan repayment to enable others to benefit from the kind gesture.

The Senior Prefect Emeritus, Mr. Shuaib Akinloye congratulated the beneficiaries and other members that can make it to the meeting to sustain the spirit of comradeship that exist within the association.

He urged the beneficiaries to see the kind gesture from the donors as a rare privilege having been singled out among the large members of the association as beneficiaries of the maiden empowerment programme.

“It is not because you are wiser or smarter than the other members of the alumni association. You have only enjoyed the grace of God through the association. I am imploring you to be more dedicated and focused in your business because the success and growth of your business that we have supported will encourage other old students to step forward and become members of the association.

“We will not be happy to listen to side talks and comments that will not be in the interest of the association resulting from the empowerment support. It is a revolving loan, allow it to revolve and this can only be achieved through your commitment to make a refund as appropriate. Let this be a consolidation of better things to come.

He lauded the donors for their kind gesture and urged all members of the association to make meaningful contributions to the growth of the association, saying that no amount is too small to contribute.

Kayode Wasiu, a 1991 old student of the school and beneficiary of the loan said, “I am happy for the support and surprised at the unexpected kind gesture and promised not to fail to repay the loan within one year.

The second beneficiary, Idowu Bonajo, a shoe builder and 1989 set expresses appreciation to the association for the support and promised to make a refund within one year to enable him to benefit more from the association.

Bonajo whose workshop is located in Iseyin Street, Ilupeju, Lagos thanked the President, Comrade Labaika, the donors and members of the association for their kind gestures.


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