College Provost Reveals How Serving Senator Allegedly Gained Admission To ABU With Fake Result 


The Provost, Ameer Shehu Idris College of Advanced Studies, Zaria, Kaduna, Dr. Richard Ogunleye Ibrahim, has revealed how a Kaduna State serving senator forged a result to gain admission into a university.

While testifying before the tribunal sitting in Kaduna on Wednesday, the college provost said, “We have thoroughly checked our records for the year 2011/2013 academic session and we do not have a student with the name Lawal Adamu with registration number A11/PA/1147.”

The provost continued, “However, we can confirm that we have a female student; Halima Ibrahim Ndanusa, as a bona-fide student with the same registration number A11/PA/1147 that graduated in the period under review”.

A former student of the Department of Public Administration of Ameer Shehu Idris College of Advanced Studies, Zaria, Halima Ibrahim Ndanusa had claimed that a serving senator from Kaduna State used her result to gain admission into a university.

Ndanusa, who appeared before the election petitions tribunal, said she was in deep shock when she discovered that a serving senator altered her names on her diploma certificate, which she acquired from the college in 2013 allegedly used gain admission into Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.

Ameer Shehu College of Advanced Studies is an affiliate of ABU, Zaria.

The witness attended the school between 2011 and 2013 with registration number A11/PA/1147 where she obtained a diploma certificate.

She said, “I cried profusely when I heard that a senator used my hard-earned result to gain admission into ABU while I wandered around because of lack of a job. I studied for two years through sleepless nights of hard work and research, but someone just forged the result,” Ndanusa said.


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