BU Alumni Inspire Zircon Grad Class To Be More


Two Babcock University greats have called on the Zircon Grad Class never to settle for less when they can be more in a fast-changing world with declining moral values.

The call came as the GMD/CEO of Irvin Global Investment Ltd, Nwangwa Uzonna and Nigerian model, actress and Entrepreneur, Beverly Osu set the ball rolling at the 2023 Alumni Connectivity programme themed, Igniting Connections, Fuelling Success.

In her submission, Osu, who was a Mass Communication student at BU, urged the Zircon Class to take advantage of the network built in school but never get stuck with relationships that would not add value to their lives.

“Be ready to take risks and never settle for relationships that won’t allow you to grow to your fullest potential,” she said. “Identify what works for you and be prepared to move on if you have to.”

While expressing pride in the rapid development of the University, she said some of her best resource persons and ideas came from relationships she built in school.

Similarly, Mr. Nwangwa, a Babcock graduate of Theology turned financial investor, reminded his audience of the power of resilience in the face of adversity and refusing to be defined by others’ opinions.

He said his decision to go into investment banking was partly motivated by the need to prove his detractors wrong and that he could be anything he wanted to be through God’s grace.

“God has called us to make disciples of men and ambassadors of Christ,” he said. “But we don’t have to build cathedrals or be general overseers to do that.”

Uzonna, who has more than a 10-year stint in banking, recalled experiences that strengthened his resolve to never be defined by the standards of public opinion.

He said being a Theology graduate did not mean one could never aspire to be anything more than a local church pastor.

He said he hoped his story would inspire people to understand they could be greater than they ever imagined with God’s grace.
“Sometimes, the obstacle is the way; never relent and never give up,” he said.
Like Osu who shared some of her beauty products as gifts, he shared free mobile airtime and the promise to engage BU students for IT in his company.

President/Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ademola Tayo, Director of Alumni, Dr. Jonathan Dangana and other officers were also there to give their support.

“The shared experiences of the guest speakers and how they scaled through their hurdles have been a great encouragement and an amazing eye-opener,” said one of the students.


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