Awoyinfa Declares Interest In NANS Senate Presidency, Decries Poor Funding  Of Education Sector


Mr. Awoyinfa Opeoluwa has declared interest in contesting for the Senate President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) at the upcoming 2023 National Convention in Gombe State.

Awoyinfa who declared interest during a press conference in Ondo State said if elected as NANS Senate President he would advocate for increased access to education for all, reforms in the education sector, adequate safe for all categories of students, adequate learning infrastructure, an inclusive and dynamic educational system that prepares Nigerian students for the challenges of the future.

His address read, “Why am I running for this position? I believe that every Nigerian child, irrespective of socio-economic background, deserves access to quality education.

“My agenda as the Senate President will be to advocate for significant reforms in the education sector. I will push for increased budgetary allocations to education, ensuring that our schools have the necessary infrastructure to provide quality education.

“I will advocate for the safety and security of our students, especially in regions plagued by insecurity. This includes pushing for policies that protect our schools and making sure that every Nigerian child can learn without fear.

“If elected, I will strive to be a voice for Nigerian students and relentlessly advocate for their rights and welfare. I will work tirelessly to address the challenges facing our educational system, including the issue of exorbitant school fees, security concerns, and the overall quality of education. I firmly believe that education should be a transformative experience that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

“As Senate President of NANS, I will work towards creating an inclusive and dynamic educational system that prepares our students for the challenges of the future.

“I envision a Nigeria where every child has a chance to learn and grow, to dream and to achieve those dreams. A Nigeria where our classrooms are hubs of creativity and innovation.

“My focus is to add value to the organization, the Senators of NANS (who are the Students’ Union President) of all tertiary institutions in Nigeria, and engage stakeholders in governance,” he added.

He decried the poor state of the education sector, the scourge of kidnapping and killing of students in some parts of the country, saying his victory at the convention would lead to strong advocacy for school safety and proper funding of education as a critical sector of the country.

Awoyinfa expressed appreciation to the outgoing leadership of NANS led by President, Comrade Usman Barambu, and the President of the Senate, Comrade Attah Felix.

He said, “They have shown tremendous dedication and have contributed significantly to the growth of education in our country, as well as the welfare of all Nigerian students. We are also proud that NANS is now part of the TETFUND Monitoring Committee under this administration.”


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