Badero Blames Education Sector Woes On Neglect, Poor Funding, Japa


An educationist, Badero Adetola Matthew, has urged the Nigerian government to invest more in the education system to make learning in the country more globally competitive.

Badero lamented that the neglect of the sector by successive governments was responsible for the high number of students sent by their parents for further study abroad.

Speaking during an interview, the Head of Badestay Comprehensive High School who acknowledged that the option of sending children to study abroad is a choice, argued that if the home government had done the needful by adequately funding public education to improve the standard of learning, no parent would ever think of sending their wards to study abroad.

“The education system in Nigeria is yet to meet globally acceptable standards. The federal government should invest more in the education system to improve its standards so that they can be of globally acceptable standards,” he said.

He acknowledged that the country is blessed with cerebral scholars and high-quality educators to take students to the next level of global reckoning.

Reacting to the Japa syndrome caused by the economic hardship in the country, he cautioned those with plans to travel abroad to be sure of their destinations economic well-being before doing so.


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