Proprietress’s Daughter Assaults Five Years Old Nursery Pupil With Teeth, Fingernails


Members of the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN) have started looking into a case where a proprietress’s daughter identified as Tumise, allegedly assaulted a five-year-old Nursery II pupil in school with teeth and fingernails.

The incident was said to have occurred at the private school located in Lawanson Road, Itire, Lagos State.

According to the Eagleonline, report said by the attention of the ACVPN, this was not the first time that Tumise, who is a teacher in the school, had abused pupils.

According to reports, Tumise often uses her fingernails and teeth on the pupils.

The five-year-old victim, according to the report, was in pain as a result of the torture she suffered at the hands of Tumise.

Members of ACVPN wondered why the matter had not reached the table of the appropriate authorities. There were insinuations that the victim’s mother might be owing the school, which was why she failed to make a formal report.

Another mandated reporter also alleged that the proprietress beat up one of the pupils with a wood that had a nail on it which kept the pupil away from school for almost two weeks.

ACVPN representative, Comrade Afeez Aina, who visited the school on a fact-finding mission, was told that Tumise was dismissed immediately after the incident.

Comrade Afeez further reached out to the five-year-old’s mother who surprisingly told Afeez that the case had been settled.



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