In-IVG, Xenobots To Boost Artificial Procreation, Solve Fertility Issues – Dr. Wada


Scientific research into artificial procreation such as In Vitro Gametogenesis (IVG), and the use of Stem Cells aided by Artificial Intelligence will in the future provide solutions to the challenges associated with childbearing and fertility-related issues.

Speaking at the 5th Abimbola Aina Omololu-Mulele Annual Lecture in Obstetrics and Gynaecology held at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Idi Araba, the guest lecturer, Dr. Ibrahim Wada said the different forms of fertility and associated challenges necessitated research efforts and exploration of other applicable options in solving complex fertility issues.

Dr. Wada, who is the Founder of NISA Medical Group spoke on the Titled theme: “Mankind’s Journey to a New Age of Artificial Procreation and Family Planning”.

Acknowledging the previous research and milestones recorded by Emeritus Professor Osato Giwa-Oagie and Professor Oladapo Ashiru in pioneering Human In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Nigeria, Dr. Wada said In Vitro Gametogenesis (IVG) is an improvement on IVF and Xenobots (which involves the use of Stem Cells aided by Artificial Intelligence) as other scientific breakthroughs which would change the game in fertility and family planning.

Earlier, the Chairman of the 5th Abimbola Aina Omololu-Mulele Annual Lecture, Professor Olasurubomi Ogedengbe lauded organizers and sponsors of the lecture for the commitment to education and women’s health.

She acknowledged the growth and successes of women in virtually all aspects of the medical profession and showered encomiums on the late Barrister Abimbola Aina Omololu-Mulele, especially for her interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

In the same vein, Professor Oluwole Familoni, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the 5th annual lecture, explained that the philanthropist, Barrister (Mrs.) Fredericka Abímbólá Omololu-Mulele, the first female Barrister in Nigeria, instituted the annual lecture to advance knowledge in obstetrics and gynaecology.

He expressed gratitude for the establishment and acknowledged the department’s efforts in making it a reality.

“The essence of the lecture is to provide a new perspective on artificial intelligence in the realm of procreation”.

He envisioned a future where advancements like artificial babies, artificial wombs, and other technologies would reshape human creation and emphasised the ethical considerations in this evolving field.

Prof. Familoni adjudged the annual gathering as a beckon of hope, knowledge, enlightenment and progress in Obstetrics.

The late Barrister Mrs. Frederica Abimbola Aina Omololu-Mulele is acknowledged as the generous donor of the endowment. The event was attended by members of the university community, marking another successful edition of the annual lecture series.


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