NANS Senate President, Akinteye Afeez Appreciates Colleagues, Assures Of Welfarism, Accountability


The newly elected Senate President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Senator Akinteye Babatunde Afeez has pledged to be accountable and always represent the interest of the Nigerian students at all times.

Senator Akinteye stated this in an acceptance speech shortly after he emerged as the Senate President of NANS at the recently concluded election.

Distinguished Senator Akinteye Babatunde Afeez (Bantee) won at the poll with 280 votes garnered across the board.

In the message, Senator Akinteye said his victory was not about the title, saying it signifies a collective commitment to forging a path of progress and empowerment for the Nigerian student community.

He said, “With immense humility and gratitude, I stand before you today as the newly elected Senate President of our dear and noble association, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

“It has been months of rigorous electioneering campaigns and intense politicking, I stand before you today with a heart brimming with gratitude and humility as I accept the coveted position of NANS Senate Presidency.”

The statement reads further in parts, “Your resounding support and trust in my vision have laid the foundation for what I believe will be transformative and impactful administration.

“To this end, permit me to explore this latitude of space to extend my deepest appreciation to every individual who stood by me, campaigned with passion, and cast their votes in favour of the ideals we collectively believe in.”

He expressed appreciation to the leaders of NANS, Senators, campaign team, supporters and allies in the course of his aspiration and path to a new NANS, saying their unwavering support and belief in his to drive positive change has been a driving force throughout the journey.

He added, “Let it be in the record that together, we have laid the foundation for an administration that is not just about promises but about tangible actions and transformative impact.

“…I want to reassure every student and stakeholder that I am fully committed to keeping the promises outlined in my manifesto. The core tenets of my administration will be transparency, inclusivity, and unwavering advocacy for the welfare and rights of Nigerian students.

“Be rest assured that we will address the pressing challenges faced by students, advocate for quality education, and ensure that every student’s voice is not just heard but amplified on every platform.”

He lauded the spirit of sportsmanship exhibited by his fellow contestants and extended his hand’s unity, saying their dedication to service and the vibrant ideas brought forward will be integral to the democratic spirit of NANS.

“Let us now join forces, transcending individual pursuits, and work together to build an association that truly represents the collective voice of Nigerian students.

To the students, Senator Akinteye assured of NANS unshaken commitment to advocacy for the rights and welfare of students, saying the new administration is for positive change for every student.




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