Miss Heritage International Advocates Empowerment For Vulnerable,  Children, Women In Nigeria


The 2023/24 Miss Heritage International pageant, Tracy Solomon has advocated the empowerment of women, children and vulnerable Nigerians.

She has also identified Nigeria in West Africa, Burundi in east Africa, some parts of Asia and Europe as areas of interest in her various intervention programmes that will be based on the cultural challenges and peculiarities of there people as her contribution.

The Nigerian born Tracy Solomon, an indigene of Benue State, in a statement in Abuja on Monday said she has commenced research into the needs of the people of those nations with the view to impact positively on them as much as within her reach and shall soon roll out an implementation strategy .

The crown winner and Chief executive of the Queen Tracy International Heritage Foundation, pointed out that her reign will give priority attention to promotion of child education in Nigeria and will bring about deliberate policies that will positively change the living conditions of women and the most vulnerable in Nigeria .

According to Tracy, who broke the jinx of about 22 years of Nigeria’s absence at the international finale, maintained that although she was always involved in women and children empowerment programmes in Nigeria , she is determined to do more to ensure a better life for the most vulnerable ok Nigeria and will welcome any form of assistance from governments at all levels and well meaning Nigerians and the globe at large

She stressed further that her projects will take into account the heritage and cultural beliefs of the people and will ensure fairness and justice in the distribution of programmes across Nigeria .

She assured that her foundation which will cordinate her activities globally will identify the critical areas of intervention in other countries ,adding that Burundi for instance is faced with food crisis and her foundation will seek to address that challenge within the limited resources and as far as it can reach.

She said her foundation will partner relevant authorities in Nigeria to bring succour to the needy .

According to Tracy , some of the programmes in Nigeria will include advocacy in schools and the need for children to understand history and appreciate there heritage and culture.

She said widows , divorcee ,single mothers will be given special attention in Nigeria with the view to empower them to be able to carter for themselves and reduce over dependence on government.

Tracy Solomon won the Miss Heritage International pageant 2023, in an event keenly contested by beauty queens from various countries across the world.

Tracy, who was the only qualified queen from West Africa to be enlisted for the 2023 competition, beat representatives from over 70 countries to emerge winner at the 6th edition of the event held at the weekend in Bangkok, Thailand.

She was the 2017 winner of the Miss Nigeria football Pageant Award, and was crowned Face of Nigeria in 2020/2021.

The event featured delegates from numerous countries, showcasing a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and traditions.

The aim of the Heritage Pageants is to provide a platform for women, both young and married, to engage, learn, and share experiences across different cultural heritages.

The age categories for participants range from 18 to 45 years, divided into Miss Heritage International (18 – 27) and Mrs Heritage International (20 – 55).

The delegates from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Netherlands, Sweden, Kenya, India, Nepal, Tanzania, Germany, Mongolia, Netherlands, Singapore, Venezuela, Vietnam, Cameroon, Ukraine, Mexico, Congo, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Myanmar, England, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Czech Republic, South Africa competed in the event.

The first edition of Miss Heritage International held in 2014 at Kathmandu, Nepal, had 12 delegates from various countries of the World and was won by Hla Yin Kyae, a beauty queen from Myanmar .


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