Investors Association Partners Campus Recycling Champions, Kick-Starts Clean LASU Exercise


The LASU Investors Association, in collaboration with the Campus Recycling Champions (LASU Chapter), recently launched the *”Keep LASU Clean”* initiative, a community service event focused on enhancing cleanliness and sanitation across all markets in the faculties of Lagos State University. This pioneering endeavour united market investors, executive committee members from various campus markets, Campus Recycling Champions, LASU Green Janitors, and health officials to carry out a comprehensive clean-up of the marketplaces throughout the university’s faculties.

The “Keep LASU Clean” initiative commenced with an extensive clean-up of various areas including Buba Marwa Auditorium, LASU main gate, FSS, FMS, Transport, Faculty of Education market, Senate Building, AJ Market, LASU Staff Club, Science Market, MBA, Faculty of Law market, Badagry gate, Faculty of Art, and concluded at the Eco Market.

Alhaja Taiwo Yahya, the Chairperson of the Association of Campus Investors, while speaking with CIPR, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Lagos State University management for the support provided to their business endeavours. She emphasised the Association’s commitment to giving back to the LASU community through such initiatives.

Mr. Balogun Abiodun, the Vice Chairman of the Association, highlighted that the primary objective of this community service endeavour was to establish a pristine and hygienic campus environment, free from any unsanitary conditions. He further stated that the programme will be conducted bi-annually to continually support the university’s ongoing cleanliness efforts and make LASU a conducive place for students and staff.

Mrs. Adedun Kafilat, the Chief Environmental Health Officer, LASU, played an integral role in the exercise. Recognising the vital role cleanliness plays in fostering a conducive and healthy learning environment, she stated that the “Keep LASU Clean 1.0” initiative aims to promote cleanliness and overall well-being on campus. Mrs. Kafilat also acknowledged the provision of a refuse compactor by the University Management to ensure proper waste disposal for the exercise.

Through the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, the “Keep LASU Clean” initiative sets a precedent for maintaining a clean and hygienic campus environment, creating a conducive atmosphere for learning and growth at Lagos State University.


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