CITAD Urges FG To Remove ICT From Exclusive List


Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), Weekend called on the federal to remove ICT from exclusive list in other to address the lacuna in the sector.

Yunusa Ya’u, Executive Director, CITAD, who spoke against the backdrop of the 2023 Network Readiness Index (NRI) report said, Nigeria has continue to treat telecommunication as falling in the exclusive list without recourse to the implication of what the state governments can and what they cannot do.

CITAD chief explained “Right now, because of Item 66 of the exclusive list of legislation Wireless, broadcasting and television other than broadcasting and television provided by the Government of a state; allocation of wave-lengths for wireless, broadcasting and television transmission of the Exclusive List”.

He said while telecommunication can be regarded as falling on the exclusive list, ICT cannot because it has become mainstreamed in such sectors as education, health and commerce, all of which have concurrent list components.

Yau stressed that “we cannot have a federal system and continue to treat the ICT sector in a unitary form, as advised that future policy initiative must take this into consideration.

He noted that One of the advantages of doing this is that, state governments will not only be empowered but also made to be responsible for making policy that will promote technology rollout and access to citizens in their states.”

CITAD boss expressed optimism that the steps would enhanced access, use and content and this ultimately, push the Tehcn0olgy Pillar higher and faster.

Y. Z. Ya’u stated that Telecommunication and use of digital technology is driven by availability of stable power supply, which at the moment is lacking in the country.

He suggested that future technology policy must align with the energy sector policy in two important respects to ensure that users have access to affordable and convenient energy that will allow use digital technology.


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