MTN Foundation Announces 2024 Annual Scholarship For Undergraduates


Entry Closes June 12

The MTN Foundation announces applications for the 2024 Scholarship Programme.

The scholarship is dedicated to aiding Nigerian students in their academic pursuits, it offers support through three specialised scholarships for students in Science, Technology & Mathematics (STEM), for Blind students, and for the top 10 UTME scoring candidates across various disciplines.

These allowances will provide sustained financial assistance and capacity building opportunities for scholars until graduation, as long as recipients maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.5.

This year, the MTN Foundation has taken a step forward in its commitment to inclusivity by expanding the number of scholarships available to blind students from 60 to 100.

This demonstrates the telecommunication giant’s dedication to broadening opportunities and reaffirms its pledge to support a diverse group of students, ensuring that more individuals have access to the resources they need to succeed academically.

Highlighting the Foundation’s long-standing commitment to equal educational opportunities, Odunayo Sanya, Executive Director of the MTN Foundation, stated, ‘’Education is pivotal for national progress, and the MTN Foundation is unwavering in its commitment to empowering every Nigerian student to achieve academic excellence.

“By expanding scholarship opportunities, particularly for blind students, we’re making a strategic investment not just in individuals, but in cultivating a more inclusive and diverse generation of leaders and innovators who will shape a better future for Nigeria.”

Launched in 2010, the MTN Scholarship programme has empowered 4,949 Nigerian students in the past twelve years.

This financial support has been instrumental in helping them pursue their academic goals and contribute to the nation’s success.

Candidates who meet the specified criteria are encouraged to visit to apply before the deadline on June 12, 2024.


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