Illiteracy Identified As Factor Militating Against Economic Growth

Illiteracy has been identified as the main factor militating against economic growth or low output per capita just as efforts aimed at eradicating illiteracy has been stalled due to increasing rate of terrorism and displacement of Nigerians.
This was disclosed by Alexander Ukubeyinje, Chairman/Founder, Adult and Youth Mass Literacy Animateurs, Initiative in a statement to mark International  Literacy Day Celebration 2022 in Warri, he said that if government at all levels take mass literacy programmes more seriously, the nation’s economic growth index will increase and output per capita will rise.
Ukubeyinje then called on Federal, State and Local Government administrations to revive and expand Mass Literacy Centres across the country to ensure participation of the nation’s illiterates which according to him is made up of 40% of the country’s estimated population.
According to Ukubeyinje, “the main factor for our nation’s low growth or low output per capita is illiteracy. The rate of growth of illiteracy is continuously high in Nigeria. With the rising rate of terrorism and displacement of our brothers and sisters in parts of the country moving into camps, past efforts of eradicating illiteracy are stalled.”
He added, “the contribution of our illiterate adults should not be overlooked. Our Mass Literacy Centres should be revived and expanded to enable our adult illiterates which make up 40% of our estimated population. This will boost our economic growth struggle by raising our output per capita.”
Ukubeyinje further disclosed that mass literacy level in Warri metropolis is very high adding, “mass literacy level in Warri is high, it is estimated at 80% and above, statistical sampling shows that a significant proportion of Warri populace can speak, read and write in English.”
He added, “people in Warri can also calculate and compute in Arabic numerals. There is strong interpersonal relationships. There is peace. A good percentage are computer literate . Our old mothers can use the GSM phone. The youths can operate the POS(Point of Sales) machine. Our youths can transfer funds with their GSM sets.”


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