Yobe Indigene Invents Pick-up Car, Seeks Government Support


A farmer, Mohammed Abubakar Mamuda, residing in Potiskum town of Yobe State has invented a pickup car from local materials to ease his farming operations.

Speaking to newsmen in Potiskum, the inventor said, “I was forced by circumstance to engage in research for a solution. 00,0I’m a peasant farmer who cannot afford to buy a pickup car for transporting manure to my farms as well as packing the farm produce after harvest.

“This necessitated me to get a tricycle machine (tabare) engine, metal sheets of different dimensions, sizes and thicknesses and other materials, borrowed a welding machine from my friend and started assembling the car which took me 8 months to finish.

“The car is sound, strong with good fuel economy despite the load you carry and it moves well and meets my farm operations”.

He appealed to Yobe State Governor Mai Mala Buni, Ministry of Wealth Creation Empowerment and Employment Generation as well as other stakeholders to partner with him in improving the technology to manufacture more for the benefit of the teeming populace.

“I am a certificate holder in Computer Science and Diploma in Health Administration. I have a passion for car design and manufacture. But due to destiny, I could not study further”.

Mamuda hopes to take the car to Governor Mai Mala Buni for display and launch to ginger others with talents to come up for advancement.


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