Ribara Social Network To Bridge Graduate-Industry Gaps


Ribara, a social network designed by field experts has expressed resolve to connect Alma mater industry peers and mentors protégés on campus.

It is also designed to reveal the value of individual skills and proficiencies and bridge the gaps between undergraduate/graduate training and the industry while tracking industry trends to help universities keep up.

Dr. Ada Peter, a member said exploring platform.ribara.co can tell young people exactly how they rank in the skills they claim to possess, what gaps exist between them, their dream job roles and show young people what bespoke offerings are capable of closing these gaps.

“The system also recommends field mentors and peers for informative interviews.

“Also, there are opportunities to pursue internship and graduate traineeship goals and to have access to these opportunities, visit the web app www.platform.Ribara.co.”

According to the organization, there are 200 million undergraduates worldwide, with 9 million in Africa and 1.7 million in Nigeria are affected each year by the widening gap between industry demands and what the “university” is offering.

“Often, graduates possess intense
theoretical knowledge but misses the practical skills needed for desired careers hence the need for Ribara.

In addition, the organization also pointed out that while it takes minutes, days, or weeks for industry needs and demands to change, it takes a minimum of 3 years to update a university curriculum.

“Hence Ribara Premium provides subscribing institutions and instructors with curriculum intelligence
to keep up with industry changes and provide relevant learning content.

In the just concluded Ribara Virtual Tech and Engineering Internship Conference titled: ‘Discover and Get Discovered Tech and Engineering 2023 Internship
participants had the opportunity to connect with Tech and Engineering experts at Microsoft,
Google, Meta, Chevron, Enbridge pipelines, Boston Consulting Group, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and NSTAR Technologies spoke on securing career opportunities at Fortune 500 organizations.

Speaking at the conference, Chief Operations Officer, NSTAR Technologies, Somtochukwu Ihenacho said that the value of conferences and tools like Ribara are unquantifiable because
there, is a melting pot of curriculum Intelligence, professionals, and experts who share their wins and lessons so that emerging talents can skip those mistakes and fast-track their success into great organizations.

Other speakers at the virtual conference include Simbo Olatoregun, Digital Inclusion and Equity Expert formerly at Meta (Facebook); Tolu Aina, Senior Manager at Boston Consulting Group and Ose Adeyanju, Data Engineer at Chevron.

Others are Ada Peter, a visiting Professor of Digital Infrastructure and International Security, Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) /DCLR Covenant University and Deji Akin Abiri, Program Director at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, among others.


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