LASPOTECH Retirees Cry To Sanwo-Olu,  “We Cannot Breathe”

Aggrieved ex-workers and retirees of the Lagos State Polytechnic (now Lagos State University of Science and Technology) Ikorodu, have for the umpteenth time appealed to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to use his office as the Visitor to to the institution to effect the payment of all their outstanding entitlements.
The 2012 ex-workers, numbering about 140, said they served the institution productively spanning two and three decades and therefore did not deserve to be unfairly treated and subjected to hardship as they are currently going through.
The concerned retirees, in their wildest imagination, wondered why they are still being denied their entitlements many years after retirement, saying that the development has put them into a financial mess and consequently sent many to their early graves.
They said even though they retired under the old pension scheme, they had been collecting their pension monthly before the State Pension Commission suddenly in July 2014 ordered its stoppage on the excuse that “We ought to have retired under the new pension scheme and since then this problem on payment started. “
In a recent letter to the Governor dated September 11, 2023 and signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the group, Mrs Olubunmi Aina and Dr Philip Adepoju respectively,  the retirees mentioned that they want the governor to effect “the immediate reinstatement of their full pension based on the salary structure operating in the polytechnic then; and payment of 15/16 months pension stoppage from June 2016 to August/September 2017 as the case may be.
Among their demands are: “Payment of the balance of gratuity arising from the upward review of salaries on July 1, 2009, payment of pension arrears of 14 and 20 months to academic and non-academic staff, respectively; and payment of the difference in pension since September/October 2017, respectively, to date”.
Regrettably, the retirees declared that no fewer than 16 among them have already died as of 2021 due to the dearth of money to take good care of themselves particularly when they fell sick.
Appealing to the Governor to demonstrate his kind love for his fellow citizens and save them from dying in penury and pains, they added, “That is why we are making a passionate appeal to you again as our Governor.
“We believe you will help us out particularly now that to feed alone is very difficult for many homes in the country,” they stated in the letter.


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