Gbajabiamila: Tertiary Institutions Must Produce Passionate Graduates Who Can Make A Difference

The Chief of Staff to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Rt. Hon. ‘Femi Gbajabiamila has challenged Nigeria Tertiary institutions to produce graduates with a passion to change the world with the ability to do so.
He gave the commission at the 35th Convocation Lecture of Yaba College of Technology as the Guest Speaker on the topic: Empowering Nigerian Youths in the Present Day Economy, held at the college Yusuf Grillo Auditorium.
Education, he said, in the twenty-first century is not merely about skills acquisition and specialisation but disruption and reinvention while quality education in the 21st knowledge economy must empower the individual to operate effectively in multiple fields, to ask hard questions and challenge the status quo.
According to him, “The purpose of 21st-century education is not merely skills acquisition and specialisation but disruption and reinvention. How do we achieve this? We do this by reviewing our curricula and teaching methods to situate our practices in the context of global labour needs.
We require a programme of aggressive and sustained investment in education. Not only in the physical infrastructure of classrooms and lecture halls but in technology hardware and software to facilitate information exchange and innovation”.
Hon Gbajabiamila noted that many skills that guaranteed employment and a healthy income for previous generations have been made redundant by technological advances.
He opined that this generation will not only be competing with one another for opportunities, but they will also be competing in a global marketplace, against students from all over the world, and against technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, blockchain and financial technology tools that are increasingly replacing the human function in the workplace, hence, the need to prepare the would-be graduates.
The Rector, Yaba College of Technology, Dr. Engr. Ibraheem Abdul, in his welcome address, said that the nucleus of the national manpower development agenda towards youth empowerment is committed to by the institution and also makes it the pride of the nation when it comes to manpower development, technological advancement and youth empowerment.
To achieve these noble goals, this administration has put in place several laudable initiatives targeted at youth empowerment, amongst which are the Quadruple Helix Collaboration Scheme for Youth Empowerment; the establishment of the Centre for Technology Marketing and Product Development; YCT Industry Alliance Group (YIAG) Program and Students Work and Study Scheme, the rector expatiated.
According to him, the Quadruple Helix Collaboration Scheme provides a model for innovation and development that involves the active participation of ACADEMIA, INDUSTRY, GOVERNMENT, AND CIVIL SOCIETY. It recognizes the importance of collaboration among these four sectors in addressing complex societal challenges.


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